How to choose the right cleaning service

So you have decided you need to take on a cleaning team for your office/property? It’s important for you to make sure you find an agency that works for you, or helps you understand exactly what you need. Here are a few questions you may want to raise or ask yourself when you have a new potential cleaning company ready to work with you.

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Get ready for back-to-school cleaning

It may feel like it’s too early to start thinking about going back to school. However, it is never too early to start thinking about that school cleaning that has to be done. Soon the pupils will be back, ideally seeing shiny floors, sparkling windows and squeaky-clean bathrooms. To ensure that there is a healthy school environment and first impressions are positive, there are certain cleaning processes that should not be missed. Continue reading “Get ready for back-to-school cleaning”

Carpet Cleaning Tips

If your office has carpet fittings, then more often than not you will find yourself cleaning up messes constantly. This can be incredibly time-consuming, and that’s without factoring in the additional time it takes for the carpet to dry, so its most likely a job that will keep being put off.

Unclean carpets can not only be an eye-sore but can potentially be very hazardous to employees. Dirty carpets are perfect for harbouring germs, parasites and dust.

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Benefits of professional office cleaning

The importance of office cleaning cannot and should not be understated, both from a hygienic, and presentation viewpoint.

As the property gives off the best impression of your business, clients and partners will be less inclined to collaborate with you if your office in unkempt and dirty, and your staff can lose motivation in bad working conditions.

While you can continue to carry out the task of cleaning yourself, the best way to keep your business environment in the best possible condition is to hire professional office cleaners, ensuring that the job is done correctly and at the highest standard.

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8 Tips for a Clean and Green Office

Keeping your office clean can seem like a bit of a chore.

It may seem impossible to work around cleaning your office correctly and doing it greenly, however, we have provided you with 8 tips to help you achieve a clean and green office.

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A Complete Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning can be a chore, both literally and figuratively. However, it is fundamental.

Having a clean environment around you allows you to have both a healthy and happy mind and body. Remember, simple tips such as throwing open the windows and allowing fresh air into your home makes all the difference! Whether it is at home or in the office, clean surroundings brighten up your day and can maintain or improve health.

Below, we have constructed a detailed spring cleaning checklist for you to refer to when tackling the clean. Although it may look daunting, for the most part, these tasks are fairly quick and easy to complete. So if it is time for the weekly household duties of cleaning from top to bottom, or you need to give your office a bit of TLC, you can follow this straightforward checklist to help you along the way!

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Keep your Office Clean and Healthy This Winter

Nearly all businesses can face a number of challenges during this time of the year. 

Britain’s unpredictable weather will make it difficult to predict whether employees will be showing up to work – these are likely to rise throughout the winter months what with the escalation of the common cold circulating.

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How to Conduct a Fast House Clean

Sometimes, there are days when an unsuspecting visitor will come knocking to your door and you haven’t had time in the day to clean your household.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can resolve this problem with only 5 items, getting your house visit-friendly in no time!

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Cleaning in Autumn

Autumn has brought along the changing leaves and with it, we are taking a look at our spring cleaning list and adding in some seasonal extras in order to prepare for the winter.

Pinnacle Cleaning are sharing a checklist to help you with your autumnal cleaning habits!

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Using cleaning services

There are many reasons why hiring cleaning services is beneficial for your business.

One being the proven fact that clean offices equal productive and more focused workers. This being the case, most of the time your staff may be too busy to begin clearing up and keeping their workspace in order. For this reason, hiring cleaning services is a God-send, allowing workers to focus on their work. Continue reading “Using cleaning services”