8 top tips to keeping a clean office

What do you do in your office cleaning regime?

It’s important to remember that your office is effectively your home away from home, the place you spend most of your time in each week. So, just like your home environment, you’ll want to keep your office as clean as possible. Sometimes though, even when you’re working in a clean environment, the messiness of the office can completely change the overall cleanliness levels of the office.

In this blog, we’ll give you a list of useful tips that’ll help the look of your office!

Keep a drawer for tit bits

In an office space, it’s not suprising that you’ll sometimes have a few random bits and bobs that can get lost or misplaced, so it’s a good idea to keep a draw for the sake of stashing user guides for office equipment, pen caps, random stationary and more. This draw is perfect for the storing of all these items.

Keep a clear desk

Though this would often seem the most obvious thing to do in your office space, keeping a clear desk is vital in giving a general organised look to office visitors. Though it’s incredibly difficult at times to keep a clear work space, consider what you need on your desk, not what you want. For whatever you’re not using immediately, there’s always your tit bit draw!

Hide your computer cables

Few items are more distracting than a load of random cables hanging from your computer and your desk, so it’s advisable to do something about this ever present problem. Using something as simple as cable ties can sort out this problem, as it gathers all wires and leads together in an orderly group.

The brighter, the better

The more light that gets to enter your office, the more spacious and welcome the environment seems to visitors in your office space. You should maximise the amount of light entering your office, as this also boosts productivity in workers.

Furniture should be kept clean

We all have office furniture, so should you be keeping it clean? There’s a good chance that your furniture has been collecting dust, as all of the electrical equipment will bound to give of a mass of dust. Remember that the space behind the office sofa will become a safe haven for dirt, so be sure to keep this place clean.Use cable ties as a good way to organise wires Use cable ties as a good way to organise wires

Eat food away from your desk

It’s a good idea to eat away from your desk, no matter how enticing it may seem at times. Messy and smelly foods will only give you a dirty office space, so you’ll be clogging up your mouse, keyboard, desk and stationary with remnants of food.

Cover your bin

Nobody wants to see your trash. And, if you’re one of those messy burrito eaters, nobody wants to smell your trash, either.

Another good idea is to cover your bin. Nobody wants to see what’s inside your rubbish bin, with those messy wrappers and horrible smells finding their way around the room. Put a lid on it and avoid the bad odours.

Keep the floor clear

The floor is often the worse place for random items to fall into, with crumbs, dirt and more all lying victim under the desks of many. Vacuum around your desks every week to avoid random nails and dirt to clog up the carpet.

What do you think of our tips? What do you do in your office cleaning regime?

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