8 top tips to office cleaning

What can I do to get the best out of my office cleaning?

In any form of business, your office is your most important part of your impression. It’s important to keep a clean and professional environment, mostly for the happiness of your staff but also to give a great impression to clients, both present and potential. Trying to keep a clean environment without a strategy is difficult, so here’s 10 top tips to organise your office.

Don’t eat at your desk – Whilst taking a lunch break, it may be more convenient sometimes to eat at the desk, but the result is a floor full of crumbs and wrappers; don’t do it! Take lunch elsewhere and keep your desk strictly for work.

Reorganize any work stations – More times than not, the layout of your office won’t be as efficient as it can be. Even in small spaces, offices can be rearranged to make the best use out of the space, providing a more efficient and visually pleasing space. It’s easy to move furniture and workstations to create more space for ease of access when cleaning.

Rubbish & Recycling bins – Depending on your industry, the way you dispose of particular types of waste will be different, as industries have various guidelines for recycling and waste disposal in place. Having the correct rubbish bins and recycling containers available will help with the process.

Filing Systems – Filing is important for numerous reasons, mostly to avoid clutter being all around the office. With the modern use of computers, most work is completed paperless, but invoices and receipts are still paper documents and these can easily be scanned into your computer via a scanner, which will reduce the need for filing cabinets that can take up a lot of space.

Document Storage – If you have archived documents, you can always store them off-site to reduce any clutter that can often happen with a lot of documents. You can store your documents online for easy access also, with is a better alternative.

Keep all counters clean – Spray bottles of surface and glass cleaner should be kept in the office in order to wipe down dirty desks and tables at any time, just incase you need to prepare for a customer’s arrival at short notice.

Cleaning common areas – Common areas can become dirty incredibly fast, especially is a number of employees hang around here at lunch. If all employees in your office are responsible for participating in office cleaning, a schedule of when each area is to be cleaned may be useful.

Always clean behind any furniture – When cleaning the office, you should always remember to clean behind any desks or furniture that you may have. Consider investing in a cheap vacuum or sweeper to will make the cleanup process as quick and easy as possible.

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