DIY: Your Home Office

Cleaning your home office can be a challenge in itself but we’ve a sure fire way to make cleaning your home office less of a chore, and it’ll be super quick!

The biggest challenges are going to be the dusty electronics, the stains splattered across your desktop, and grimy accessories and last but certainly not least, the germ-infested, crumb-filled keyboard.

Rid the dust – The static from electronics is a powerful draw for dust. Cleaning screens and discs is delicate work though as they can easily be scratched and damaged, so it’s wise to use a microfibre cloth that won’t scratch or leave lint behind.

Avoid using a glass cleaner as your screen will have an anti-glare coating that can be striped by solvents.
Instead, use the dry microfibre on a turned off screen, then lightly dampen the cloth and buff away the grime from the rest of the monitor or laptop. Do the same with the mouse and printer.

To clean CDs and DVDs, use a clean spot on the cloth and clean from the centre to the edge, but not in a circular motion, as there may be some grit that could leave scratches.

Erase surface stains – To do this, you need to move the keyboard, mouse, laptop and whatever is obstructing your desktop.

If your desktop is a sealed wood surface, use a vinegar-water mix, or if your work surface is laminate or another washable material, use an all purpose cleaner; let whichever is appropriate for your surface soak for a few minutes on sticky stains and scrape it off, then wipe it and rinse.

Ink stains can be removed with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and rinse with a sponge.

Tackling the keyboard – Keyboards are one of the dirtiest office surfaces to exist.
To clean it, unplug the keyboard and tip it upside down over a bin and tap loose an crumbs or bits trapped between the keys.
Use a slim paintbrush to eradicate the dust from the crevices.

Using a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol again, dampen the surfaces of the keys  and leave to dry, before plugging back in.
To clean the laptop’s keyboard, a brush or bottle of compressed air, found at office stores, will suffice.

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