Office spring cleaning tips

The season of spring isn’t too far away and many will be considering a big spring clean, whether it is commercial cleaning or personal home cleaning. 

It will be the ideal opportunity to clear out the items you no longer need and can start afresh! To ensure you have a happy and healthy environment to live or work in, cleaning is vital to ensure this happens.

We have compiled a list that you will see below with some tips that should clear up how to go about your spring-time office cleaning

Keep only what is necessary

Many offices tend to be full of clutter and unnecessary items that you haven’t used, or seen, in months. It is can be shocking the number of items that are not of any use or need in offices, for example, furniture that is older than the office itself, or an unlimited amount of leads snaking around desks, chairs and filling spaces that could be utilised.

Ask yourself if it hasn’t been used in six months, will I be needing it in the near future? It’s likely you will not, and it is better to have that extra space for yourself and your workers to breathe and move around in. Having a spacious, clean environment can improve morale and working abilities. Clean office, healthy mind.

You should also take into consideration that an organised office is aesthetically pleasing to your clients and visitors; remember, clients may think an office reflects the work you are providing. Ensure that the space you are bringing clients into always looks tidy, professional and organised. This will reflect the business and first impressions count for a lot!

Clear desks

You may want to encourage desk clearing once a week or month in the office so that cleaners can access the desks to clean them properly.
Tidier desks can indeed boost productivity and can increase an employee’s motivation.

This is a simple task that will not consume too much time but could increase employees work performance and general positive attitude towards work. It gives employees more space to work, allows for them to be organised and creative, if this is what the job entails.


It’s possible your office is grouped into the category that uses too much paper, which is extremely expensive and also causes problems to the environment, it can even be a health and safety risk.

If you were to cut down on paper usage where you can and print only the required documents, rather than printing everything and anything like many workforces have been taught to do.  This will lower costs and help the environment, it will also cause less clutter on desks around the office, meaning less mess to clean up!

Sort your inbox

Spring cleaning should apply to online source too. Rather than deleting all of your emails and accidentally removing an important liaison between yourself and a client, sort your inbox and organise your folders.
Go through your emails and clear the unnecessary – you’ll have a much more organised inbox which will help you work a lot more productively.

Call the professionals

We understand that the responsibility of cleaning an office can be a big duty to take on and you may not have the resources to personally hire cleaners. This is where you can seek commercial cleaning services externally. Hiring contract cleaners can be really beneficial, you know that you are hiring experienced professionals that will get the job done. This means you will have more time to complete your own tasks and you don’t have to pay a salary to a set of your own personal cleaners. This could be a great option for you to consider!

Pinnacle Cleaning offers contract cleaners in Birmingham that will be more than willing to do your office spring cleans! So if you are looking for a cleaning company in Birmingham, you can receive a quotation from us today. Contact us if you would like more information on our services, we would be happy to help!

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