Quick cleaning tips for your kitchen

A spotless house is a spotless mind, but tackling the cleaning job and spending a chunk of your time doing so isn’t so desirable.

We’re here to share how you can use the best methods that will make your cleaning jobs simpler, more effective and less time-consuming. The kitchen can be a gruelling task to take on, but following these below tips should be the answer to your woes!

Circle your way around

A recommended tip is the start your cleaning on the right side of your stove and continue clockwise around the room. The stove is often the messiest area, thus it makes sense to finish there which will help you from spreading any grease and grime. Another tip would be to soak any handles in warm soapy water that will be easier to clean once you’ve gotten to them.

Sink sanitiser

An unclean kitchen sink can actually possess more bacteria than a toilet seat. In order to keep your sink clean, use an EPA-registered disinfectant, alternatively you can do this with a few household products. First, clean your sink with soap and water and proceed to spray a mist of vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide – bear in mind to not mix these products together in a bottle and to only spray the separately – and allow to air-dry.

To obtain that shine on a stainless steel sink, you can apply some drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and buff it into the metal.

Dishwasher days

Take the time out to tackle the dishwasher once a week by using a damp sponge with a little baking soda on the edges of the machine to eradicate any leftover food and/or stains. A useful tip to adopt in the cold and flu season is to add a quarter of a cup of bleach to a regular cycle which will kill bacteria.


It is advised to line the bottom of your over with a nonstick oven liner which allows you to wipe it down with a paper towel, place in the dishwasher and reuse.

Disposal days

Tackling the disposal is made simple with dropping in a cut lemon, salt, and a few ice cubes, that will not only act as a deodoriser, but the salt with clean away residue left over.

Pack away paper towels

For larger cleaning jobs it is worthy to invest in microfibre cloths as when dampened they are able to sanitise and clean floors, glass, tiles and counters and are reusable!


Sponges are the perfect place for bacteria to breed. In order to disinfect your sponge, you can squeeze out excess water and microwave for 1 minute. Replace your sponge when it emits a bad odour and is shredded.

We hope these tips help you with your kitchen cleaning routine. Let us know any more tips in the comments!

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