Quick cleaning tips for your kitchen

A spotless house is a spotless mind, but tackling the cleaning job and spending a chunk of your time doing so isn’t so desirable.

We’re here to share how you can use the best methods that will make your cleaning jobs simpler, more effective and less time-consuming. The kitchen can be a gruelling task to take on, but following these below tips should be the answer to your woes! Continue reading “Quick cleaning tips for your kitchen”

Office cleaning tips for summer

Summer is here and it is no excuse for slacking when considering cleaning the office.

Summer is a good time to get into office cleaning and get tasks done that could be bypassed later on in the year.

Pinnacle has a few tips that can help you get through your office cleaning this summer… Continue reading “Office cleaning tips for summer”

Professional Office Cleaning Benefits

There are roughly forty hours that are spent in an office per week.

Each individual that is working in the office will have a different setting they are comfortable working in, but the most concurring factor is working in a clean office. Thus, it is worth investing a substantial amount of money in the cleanliness of an environment that you spend so much time in. Continue reading “Professional Office Cleaning Benefits”

Hiring Someone to Clean your Office

When you are running an office, you know first impressions can have either a positive or negative impact on sales.

The presentation of your office is a major influence on what a client thinks of you and your business. If there isn’t enough time to ensure your office is consistently clean, there should be thought given to hiring a cleaning company that can do that job for you and take that issue from you. Continue reading “Hiring Someone to Clean your Office”

Office spring cleaning tips

The season of spring isn’t too far away and many will be considering a big spring clean, whether it is commercial cleaning or personal home cleaning. 

It will be the ideal opportunity to clear out the items you no longer need and can start afresh! To ensure you have a happy and healthy environment to live or work in, cleaning is vital to ensure this happens.  Continue reading “Office spring cleaning tips”

Cleaning Contract Advantages for an Organisation

The contract period is not the only matter when outsourcing cleaning; the type of contract that has been selected is important too.

Until recent years, cleaning contracts were frequently agreements of means which established a certain number of hours the cleaning would be done by the cleaning company themselves.
This liaison will take a limited account of monitoring the quality of cleaning that is delivered and focuses on the number of agreed working hours. Continue reading “Cleaning Contract Advantages for an Organisation”

How can you prepare your home for Christmas?

Christmas is a very special time of year, which brings family and friends together worldwide in a celebration of thanks.

So, with the numbers of people in your hair inevitably increasing this Christmas, how are you going to keep your home tidy?
In our blog, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to do before the Christmas period in order to keep your house looking beautiful! Continue reading “How can you prepare your home for Christmas?”

4 tips to keeping a clean office this winter

What 4 things can you do to keep your office clean this winter?

Even though it may be a more difficult task in the winter months, as the air seems to bring in more dirt in the cold weather, we looked at just what you should do in order to keep up appearances for your company, ensuring that your business stays professional and clean throughout the winter months. So, just what should you be doing in order to ensure the cleanliness of your office this winter? Find out in our latest blog! Continue reading “4 tips to keeping a clean office this winter”

DIY: Your Home Office

Cleaning your home office can be a challenge in itself but we’ve a sure fire way to make cleaning your home office less of a chore, and it’ll be super quick!

The biggest challenges are going to be the dusty electronics, the stains splattered across your desktop, and grimy accessories and last but certainly not least, the germ-infested, crumb-filled keyboard.

Rid the dust – The static from electronics is a powerful draw for dust. Cleaning screens and discs is delicate work though as they can easily be scratched and damaged, so it’s wise to use a microfibre cloth that won’t scratch or leave lint behind.
Avoid using a glass cleaner as your screen will have an anti-glare coating that can be striped by solvents.
Instead, use the dry microfibre on a turned off screen, then lightly dampen the cloth and buff away the grime from the rest of the monitor or laptop. Do the same with the mouse and printer.
To clean CDs and DVDs, use a clean spot on the cloth and clean from the centre to the edge, but not in a circular motion, as there may be some grit that could leave scratches.

Erase surface stains – To do this, you need to move the keyboard, mouse, laptop and whatever is obstructing your desktop.
If your desktop is a sealed wood surface, use a vinegar-water mix, or if your work surface is laminate or another washable material, use an all purpose cleaner; let whichever is appropriate for your surface soak for a few minutes on sticky stains and scrape it off, then wipe it and rinse.
Ink stains can be removed with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and rinse with a sponge.

Tackling the keyboard – Keyboards are one of the dirtiest office surfaces to exist.
To clean it, unplug the keyboard and tip it upside down over a bin and tap loose an crumbs or bits trapped between the keys.
Use a slim paintbrush to eradicate the dust from the crevices.
Using a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol again, dampen the surfaces of the keys  and leave to dry, before plugging back in.
To clean the laptop’s keyboard, a brush or bottle of compressed air, found at office stores, will suffice.

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