8 top tips to keeping a clean office

What do you do in your office cleaning regime?

It’s important to remember that your office is effectively your home away from home, the place you spend most of your time in each week. So, just like your home environment, you’ll want to keep your office as clean as possible. Sometimes though, even when you’re working in a clean environment, the messiness of the office can completely change the overall cleanliness levels of the office.

In this blog, we’ll give you a list of useful tips that’ll help the look of your office!

Keep a drawer for tit bits

In an office space, it’s not suprising that you’ll sometimes have a few random bits and bobs that can get lost or misplaced, so it’s a good idea to keep a draw for the sake of stashing user guides for office equipment, pen caps, random stationary and more. This draw is perfect for the storing of all these items.

Keep a clear desk

Though this would often seem the most obvious thing to do in your office space, keeping a clear desk is vital in giving a general organised look to office visitors. Though it’s incredibly difficult at times to keep a clear work space, consider what you need on your desk, not what you want. For whatever you’re not using immediately, there’s always your tit bit draw!

Hide your computer cables

Few items are more distracting than a load of random cables hanging from your computer and your desk, so it’s advisable to do something about this ever present problem. Using something as simple as cable ties can sort out this problem, as it gathers all wires and leads together in an orderly group.

The brighter, the better

The more light that gets to enter your office, the more spacious and welcome the environment seems to visitors in your office space. You should maximise the amount of light entering your office, as this also boosts productivity in workers.

Furniture should be kept clean

We all have office furniture, so should you be keeping it clean? There’s a good chance that your furniture has been collecting dust, as all of the electrical equipment will bound to give of a mass of dust. Remember that the space behind the office sofa will become a safe haven for dirt, so be sure to keep this place clean.Use cable ties as a good way to organise wires Use cable ties as a good way to organise wires

Eat food away from your desk

It’s a good idea to eat away from your desk, no matter how enticing it may seem at times. Messy and smelly foods will only give you a dirty office space, so you’ll be clogging up your mouse, keyboard, desk and stationary with remnants of food.

Cover your bin

Nobody wants to see your trash. And, if you’re one of those messy burrito eaters, nobody wants to smell your trash, either.

Another good idea is to cover your bin. Nobody wants to see what’s inside your rubbish bin, with those messy wrappers and horrible smells finding their way around the room. Put a lid on it and avoid the bad odours.

Keep the floor clear

The floor is often the worse place for random items to fall into, with crumbs, dirt and more all lying victim under the desks of many. Vacuum around your desks every week to avoid random nails and dirt to clog up the carpet.

What do you think of our tips? What do you do in your office cleaning regime?

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What affect does TUPE have on cleaning?

TUPE effects the cleaning industry more than you know, but how will it effect you?

For many companies, two main reasons for going out and hiring a cleaning service (or replacing an existing service already) is an overall feeling of unhappiness with the quality of the service provided or they don’t agree with the price they are paying for the service.In most cases, where the cleaning staff and the owners are one and the same, this is an incredibly simple process – all you have to do is tell them that you no longer require their services!

However, what should happen if the cleaning provider is only a company and the cleaners are employees of this? Circumstances like this may become very tricky indeed. If this was to take place, a piece of legislation called TUPE (pronounced toupee) would come into effect – Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employees (TUPE) 2006.

TUPE is a regulation in which the rights of the employees are protected when a contract is transferred from one company to another. Employees of the old cleaning company are automatically switched to employees of the new cleaning company on exactly the same terms and conditions as they had when previously employed by the original company. Nothing much changes for the employee, as it is if their contract of employment had always been with the new cleaning company. All of their rights are preserved.

So what does this mean for the new customer who was unhappy enough to re tender in the first place?

The first thing it means is that the cleaning staff will be cleaning the same premises as they were before! It sounds like a very strange idea indeed… You are unhappy with the existing quality of cleaning, so you change cleaning company, only to keep the same staff!

It’s a situation that people find themselves in quite frequently. For larger customers they are already aware of TUPE, so they are not shocked when retold this information, but many smaller customers who want to completely replace their cleaning team are shocked to hear of the rulings of TUPE.

So what exactly can be done?

The first thing to consider is that maybe the employee isn’t particularly to blame for the poor quality of service? In many cases you will find that the fault lies with the cleaning company themselves and their management. In most situations, the cleaners are being left to their own devices with limited guidance, so this naturally results in poor job performance. No supervision, reviews or audits are carried out, so a lot of the time, they don’t even realise they are doing a poor job.

In these instances it’s required to put strong leaders and management in place, implementing quality processes including regular audits with the cleaners, supervisors and the customer. This will improve the service delivered by a vast majority of cleaners, all of who can be turned around quickly. In a lot of instances, they turn out to be fantastic and capable workers who enjoy someone caring about the work they do and they being to take real pride in their work.

Sometimes the employee is not cut out for the job and in this instant they’ll likely never improve. What can be done in this case? As part of the mentioned quality control above, an audit process is implemented into a system of performance which will state what’s expected of the employee, setting timelines for improvement and, importantly, the consequences of not meeting required standards. If introduced correctly, this is a safe way of either the cleaner leaving of their own free will, or in extreme cases, creating a case for dismissing the cleaner due to inability of performing their work duties. In numerous cases, it should be possible to remove a poor cleaner in less than 4 weeks from the time of taking on a contract.

When you consider that staff costs usually make up the vast bulk of cleaning contracts, TUPE has a huge impact here – before being able to bid for cleaning work where TUPE is applied, your new cleaning company must need to talk to all the employees affected by the situation, getting a detailed understanding of their working hours, hourly rate, holiday allowances etc. These costs will become the starting costs for the new cleaning company. This removes flexibility around cleaning costs. The new cleaning company will have to base their cost model, and therefore the value of the contract, around the prices and costs over which they have no control.

In conclusion, if you aren’t happy with your current cleaning service and it’s outsourced, by all means please look at a new cleaning company, but be aware that when evaluating the new company, make sure you fully evaluate and understand their processes and how they intend to ensure that maintaining a quality service throughout the contract term will be undertaken. Be prepared to give the new company a couple of months to address issues caused by the staff they are now bringing in – there is not much they can do in the first week, so set your expectations accordingly. In a few months you will hopefully have the cleaning service you deserve at a fantastic price.

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What’s the benefit of using a cleaning service?

We all know the importance of keep a clean environment, but what benefits is there in using a professional cleaning service?

On average around 40 hours a week are spent inside the office. This means that everybody coming in and out of the office will be experiencing an office that’s holding a number of people for a long period of time, a place where your staff are expected to be productive. Nobody can be productive in a dirty environment and with all of those hours being put into one place, it’s good to consider using a professional cleaning service to keep office standards and happiness at an overall high. What benefits are offered by using a professional cleaning service?

Save yourself time and money

Cleaning the office can take a considerable amount of time, depending on office size, electronics used and thoroughness of the clean. This all adds up and it could take a considerable chunk out of the time that your employees have in their schedule. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows the office to put all of their time into their own personal projects whilst not having to worry about the eventual task of getting the office clean. This allows all of their effort and skill being injected into a particular project of importance. You also don’t need to hire another employee to take on the clean duty, which will hit your pocket hard. Instead opt for a cleaning service who are experts at what they do.

Cleaning Erdington
There’s nothing quite like a clean office

It gives better first impressions

First impressions count for a lot. You’ll make a general summary of someone whilst meeting them in the first few minutes. This also counts for your office, so ensuring a clean office is kept at all times is vital to your image and in turn your business profit. Nobody will want to work with a company that seems unorganised, with a dirty office that has paperwork all over the place and rubbish bins full to the brim! Making a good impression is vital to securing those tricky contracts, so make sure you show yourself in the best light possible.

Offers a healthier environment

Let’s face it, everything that makes contact with human skin will carry germs. All surfaces around you right now will have germs on them, but office environments will have dirty surfaces even more so as staff will interact with their desks from Monday to Friday, 9-5. It’s beneficial to have a clean office as this will reduce the amount of sick days taken by staff through reducing the amount of germs shared through general office life.

It gives you peace of mind

At last but not least, giving your cleaning work to external personnel gives you that extra peace of mind. People will not have to take a break from their desks if the mess they generate is already being resolved for them. Having a routine cleaning service that comes in every week will boost staff productivity, health, happiness and overall business profits!

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8 top tips to office cleaning

What can I do to get the best out of my office cleaning?

Office cleaners Birmingham
Office cleaning can be difficult

In any form of business, your office is your most important part of your impression. It’s important to keep a clean and professional environment, mostly for the happiness of your staff but also to give a great impression to clients, both present and potential. Trying to keep a clean environment without a strategy is difficult, so here’s 10 top tips to organise your office.

Don’t eat at your desk – Whilst taking a lunch break, it may be more convenient sometimes to eat at the desk, but the result is a floor full of crumbs and wrappers; don’t do it! Take lunch elsewhere and keep your desk strictly for work.

Reorganize any work stations – More times than not, the layout of your office won’t be as efficient as it can be. Even in small spaces, offices can be rearranged to make the best use out of the space, providing a more efficient and visually pleasing space. It’s easy to move furniture and workstations to create more space for ease of access when cleaning.

Rubbish & Recycling bins – Depending on your industry, the way you dispose of particular types of waste will be different, as industries have various guidelines for recycling and waste disposal in place. Having the correct rubbish bins and recycling containers available will help with the process.

Filing Systems – Filing is important for numerous reasons, mostly to avoid clutter being all around the office. With the modern use of computers, most work is completed paperless, but invoices and receipts are still paper documents and these can easily be scanned into your computer via a scanner, which will reduce the need for filing cabinets that can take up a lot of space.

Document Storage – If you have archived documents, you can always store them off-site to reduce any clutter that can often happen with a lot of documents. You can store your documents online for easy access also, with is a better alternative.

Keep all counters clean – Spray bottles of surface and glass cleaner should be kept in the office in order to wipe down dirty desks and tables at any time, just incase you need to prepare for a customer’s arrival at short notice.

Cleaning common areas
 – Common areas can become dirty incredibly fast, especially is a number of employees hang around here at lunch. If all employees in your office are responsible for participating in office cleaning, a schedule of when each area is to be cleaned may be useful.

Always clean behind any furniture – When cleaning the office, you should always remember to clean behind any desks or furniture that you may have. Consider investing in a cheap vacuum or sweeper to will make the cleanup process as quick and easy as possible.

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What are the benefits of office cleaning?

What exactly are the rewards of office cleaning services?

If you’re a business owner or you’re simply running a business, then a problem that you encounter on a regular basis could be how to actually keep your establishment clean. Office cleaning is a service which eliminates the worry from your head at affordable prices, hiring in experts who are highly trained in the sector of office cleaning. It’s all good us saying about bringing in an office cleaning team, but why should you? Read below as we give you some of the best reasons to give your hygiene worries to your office cleaning provider.

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You’ll actually save money

Yes, funnily enough, you can actually save money in the long run. Most businesses will employee a cleaner as a staff member rather than giving this service to a professional office cleaning service. With staff members, you have to meet minimum wages and various other costs, which in turn actually cost a lot more than that of an office cleaning service. If this is the case for your business, as it will be for most in the modern business structure, consider outsourcing this work to a cheaper and more professional office cleaning provider. In addition to the savings, you’ll be able to experience a customisable cleaning schedule that is tailor made around your needs. The office cleaning provider would naturally work around whatever requirements you have, ensuring that they deliver the best service possible in the best way they can at a time to suit you.

Office cleaning Birmingham
Office cleaning services are important to any business

Piece of mind that the job will be done

One of the greatest things about hiring an office cleaning service is the peace of mind you’ll receive for their professionalism; you know that the job is going to be completed and it will be completed correctly. They will have the experience you need, understanding exactly what’s needed in the service they’re delivering, which means that there’s no worry on your behalf in terms of instructing them what to do. They do this for a living and they love their line of work! All required equipment will be provided by the office cleaning service, so again that’s limited worry about getting all the necessary equipment, again saving you more money.

In summary, it’s much more efficient to bring in an office cleaning company to complete all of your cleaning needs for your business. They can save you money, time and worry whilst offering a professional, high end service for your enjoyment. Bringing their own equipment with them, they will eliminate any unnecessary costs that you may experience otherwise. There’s really no reason to hesitate in hiring an office cleaning service. It’ll be the smartest move you’ll make.

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