Carpet Cleaning Tips

If your office has carpet fittings, then more often than not you will find yourself cleaning up messes constantly. This can be incredibly time-consuming, and that’s without factoring in the additional time it takes for the carpet to dry, so its most likely a job that will keep being put off.

Unclean carpets can not only be an eye-sore but can potentially be very hazardous to employees. Dirty carpets are perfect for harbouring germs, parasites and dust.

However, cleaning carpets may seem like harder work than it actually is. here are some top tips we think we help you keep your carpet looking in top form. Continue reading “Carpet Cleaning Tips”

8 Tips for a Clean and Green Office

Keeping your office clean can seem like a bit of a chore.

It may seem impossible to work around cleaning your office correctly and doing it greenly, however, we have provided you with 8 tips to help you achieve a clean and green office.

Continue reading “8 Tips for a Clean and Green Office”

Keep your Office Clean and Healthy This Winter

Nearly all businesses can face a number of challenges during this time of the year. 

Britain’s unpredictable weather will make it difficult to predict whether employees will be showing up to work – these are likely to rise throughout the winter months what with the escalation of the common cold circulating.

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Using cleaning services

There are many reasons why hiring cleaning services is beneficial for your business.

One being the proven fact that clean offices equal productive and more focused workers. This being the case, most of the time your staff may be too busy to begin clearing up and keeping their workspace in order. For this reason, hiring cleaning services is a God-send, allowing workers to focus on their work. Continue reading “Using cleaning services”

Office cleaning tips for summer

Summer is here and it is no excuse for slacking when considering cleaning the office.

Summer is a good time to get into office cleaning and get tasks done that could be bypassed later on in the year.

Pinnacle has a few tips that can help you get through your office cleaning this summer… Continue reading “Office cleaning tips for summer”

Hiring Someone to Clean your Office

When you are running an office, you know first impressions can have either a positive or negative impact on sales.

The presentation of your office is a major influence on what a client thinks of you and your business. If there isn’t enough time to ensure your office is consistently clean, there should be thought given to hiring a cleaning company that can do that job for you and take that issue from you. Continue reading “Hiring Someone to Clean your Office”

Office spring cleaning tips

The season of spring isn’t too far away and many will be considering a big spring clean, whether it is commercial cleaning or personal home cleaning. 

It will be the ideal opportunity to clear out the items you no longer need and can start afresh! To ensure you have a happy and healthy environment to live or work in, cleaning is vital to ensure this happens.  Continue reading “Office spring cleaning tips”

Benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning service

On average, around forty hours are spent in the office each week.
The choice of setting that people are more productive in varies, but universally, a clean office seems to be the best work-enhancing factor.

And with all of those hours spent in one place, certain jobs are worth being contracted so you can get on with doing the work you were hired to do. It’s definitely worthwhile hiring professionals to deal with the cleaning side of things, and the following benefits come along with doing so.

Peace of mind:

Everyone in the office will have peace of mind, if a professional cleaning service is contracted, as they won’t have to deal with stopping their progress to carry out minor janitorial work.
Having a routine cleaning service come in and take care of the cleaning jobs gives employees more time to complete their work and a cleaner environment will encourage productiveness.

Saves time and money:

Naturally, cleaning the office will is going take a significant amount of time out of employees schedules.
Hiring professionals lets the office work efficiently on their own projects that require utter focus as to provide a skilled piece of work.
Saved time equals saved money

Healthier environment:

Surfaces are crawling with bacteria and germs that cause sickness, so having a professional cleaning service is not only beneficial for the working environment but for the health of the workers there.
Professionals are trained in keeping the office clean and germ free.

Good first impressions:

To conclude, having a clean office is aesthetically pleasing to visitors entering the office, and will seem inviting – whether it is subconscious or noticeable, a clean environment feels welcoming and will mostly have an impact on the business’s reputation.

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What affect does TUPE have on cleaning?

TUPE effects the cleaning industry more than you know, but how will it effect you?

For many companies, two main reasons for going out and hiring a cleaning service (or replacing an existing service already) is an overall feeling of unhappiness with the quality of the service provided or they don’t agree with the price they are paying for the service.In most cases, where the cleaning staff and the owners are one and the same, this is an incredibly simple process – all you have to do is tell them that you no longer require their services!

However, what should happen if the cleaning provider is only a company and the cleaners are employees of this? Circumstances like this may become very tricky indeed. If this was to take place, a piece of legislation called TUPE (pronounced toupee) would come into effect – Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employees (TUPE) 2006.

TUPE is a regulation in which the rights of the employees are protected when a contract is transferred from one company to another. Employees of the old cleaning company are automatically switched to employees of the new cleaning company on exactly the same terms and conditions as they had when previously employed by the original company. Nothing much changes for the employee, as it is if their contract of employment had always been with the new cleaning company. All of their rights are preserved.

So what does this mean for the new customer who was unhappy enough to re tender in the first place?

The first thing it means is that the cleaning staff will be cleaning the same premises as they were before! It sounds like a very strange idea indeed… You are unhappy with the existing quality of cleaning, so you change cleaning company, only to keep the same staff!

It’s a situation that people find themselves in quite frequently. For larger customers they are already aware of TUPE, so they are not shocked when retold this information, but many smaller customers who want to completely replace their cleaning team are shocked to hear of the rulings of TUPE.

So what exactly can be done?

The first thing to consider is that maybe the employee isn’t particularly to blame for the poor quality of service? In many cases you will find that the fault lies with the cleaning company themselves and their management. In most situations, the cleaners are being left to their own devices with limited guidance, so this naturally results in poor job performance. No supervision, reviews or audits are carried out, so a lot of the time, they don’t even realise they are doing a poor job.

In these instances it’s required to put strong leaders and management in place, implementing quality processes including regular audits with the cleaners, supervisors and the customer. This will improve the service delivered by a vast majority of cleaners, all of who can be turned around quickly. In a lot of instances, they turn out to be fantastic and capable workers who enjoy someone caring about the work they do and they being to take real pride in their work.

Sometimes the employee is not cut out for the job and in this instant they’ll likely never improve. What can be done in this case? As part of the mentioned quality control above, an audit process is implemented into a system of performance which will state what’s expected of the employee, setting timelines for improvement and, importantly, the consequences of not meeting required standards. If introduced correctly, this is a safe way of either the cleaner leaving of their own free will, or in extreme cases, creating a case for dismissing the cleaner due to inability of performing their work duties. In numerous cases, it should be possible to remove a poor cleaner in less than 4 weeks from the time of taking on a contract.

When you consider that staff costs usually make up the vast bulk of cleaning contracts, TUPE has a huge impact here – before being able to bid for cleaning work where TUPE is applied, your new cleaning company must need to talk to all the employees affected by the situation, getting a detailed understanding of their working hours, hourly rate, holiday allowances etc. These costs will become the starting costs for the new cleaning company. This removes flexibility around cleaning costs. The new cleaning company will have to base their cost model, and therefore the value of the contract, around the prices and costs over which they have no control.

In conclusion, if you aren’t happy with your current cleaning service and it’s outsourced, by all means please look at a new cleaning company, but be aware that when evaluating the new company, make sure you fully evaluate and understand their processes and how they intend to ensure that maintaining a quality service throughout the contract term will be undertaken. Be prepared to give the new company a couple of months to address issues caused by the staff they are now bringing in – there is not much they can do in the first week, so set your expectations accordingly. In a few months you will hopefully have the cleaning service you deserve at a fantastic price.

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What’s the benefit of using a cleaning service?

We all know the importance of keep a clean environment, but what benefits is there in using a professional cleaning service?

On average around 40 hours a week are spent inside the office. This means that everybody coming in and out of the office will be experiencing an office that’s holding a number of people for a long period of time, a place where your staff are expected to be productive. Nobody can be productive in a dirty environment and with all of those hours being put into one place, it’s good to consider using a professional cleaning service to keep office standards and happiness at an overall high. What benefits are offered by using a professional cleaning service?

Save yourself time and money

Cleaning the office can take a considerable amount of time, depending on office size, electronics used and thoroughness of the clean. This all adds up and it could take a considerable chunk out of the time that your employees have in their schedule. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows the office to put all of their time into their own personal projects whilst not having to worry about the eventual task of getting the office clean. This allows all of their effort and skill being injected into a particular project of importance. You also don’t need to hire another employee to take on the clean duty, which will hit your pocket hard. Instead opt for a cleaning service who are experts at what they do.

Cleaning Erdington
There’s nothing quite like a clean office

It gives better first impressions

First impressions count for a lot. You’ll make a general summary of someone whilst meeting them in the first few minutes. This also counts for your office, so ensuring a clean office is kept at all times is vital to your image and in turn your business profit. Nobody will want to work with a company that seems unorganised, with a dirty office that has paperwork all over the place and rubbish bins full to the brim! Making a good impression is vital to securing those tricky contracts, so make sure you show yourself in the best light possible.

Offers a healthier environment

Let’s face it, everything that makes contact with human skin will carry germs. All surfaces around you right now will have germs on them, but office environments will have dirty surfaces even more so as staff will interact with their desks from Monday to Friday, 9-5. It’s beneficial to have a clean office as this will reduce the amount of sick days taken by staff through reducing the amount of germs shared through general office life.

It gives you peace of mind

At last but not least, giving your cleaning work to external personnel gives you that extra peace of mind. People will not have to take a break from their desks if the mess they generate is already being resolved for them. Having a routine cleaning service that comes in every week will boost staff productivity, health, happiness and overall business profits!

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