How can you prepare your home for Christmas?

Christmas is a very special time of year, which brings family and friends together worldwide in a celebration of thanks.

So, with the numbers of people in your hair inevitably increasing this Christmas, how are you going to keep your home tidy?
In our blog, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to do before the Christmas period in order to keep your house looking beautiful!

Getting ready for Christmas…

  • As you’re bound to receive a major influx of toys over the Christmas period, it’s a good idea to clear out your old ones in order to make room. You can advertise these on websites like eBay and Gumtree, making yourself some money in the process!
  • In order to cook a successful Christmas meal, you’re going to need room in the freezer (and lots of it). Defrost the freezer so you can make space for the Christmas food, which will make the whole cooking process a lot more stress-free when it comes to having dinner.
  • Whilst you’re freeing up room in your freezer, why not do it in the cupboards too? Make room in your kitchen by throwing away out of date food, making a shopping list of what you need to restock in the process. Reorganising the cupboards is a good idea, as this will let you know where everything is at the drop of a hat.
  • Be sure that you’re up to date on both ironing and washing before the Christmas period, as this means you can skip it for a day or two and relax.
  • When you’re getting the decorations down to both test and put up, why not have a quick clean of the loft whilst you’re there? This will give you space to hide some extra special presents if needed!
  • Be sure that all rubbish bins are emptied prior to opening presents and eating your food and drinks over Christmas. This will make sure that you’re not stuck trying to find room to place all of your extra rubbish, as the bins won’t be taken for a while. Also, ensure that you have enough bin bags for the Christmas period, as you’re going to need quite a few for all of the wrapping paper, boxes and general rubbish!

What else do you add to your Christmas cleaning regime? Is there anything we missed out?

Let us know in the comments below!

Have a very Happy Christmas for all here at Pinnacle Cleaning. Thank you for reading our articles and may your 2015 be fantastic!

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