Cleaning Tips

The word ‘cleaning’ sparks a type of dread in us all; finding the time to execute this task is probably the worst of all.

But what if we shared a few secrets that would cut the time it takes to do those dreaded tasks?

Here are a few tips that should boost your cleaning productivity

Make a system – Speedy cleaning expert, Debbie Sardone, has revealed the secret to cutting down your cleaning time – having a system to follow.

Making an example of cleaning the house in a specific order each time, begin with working in one room at a time, starting and finishing in the same spot, saving running back and forth.

The routine will soon become a method which will enable cleaning to be done in half the time as you speed up.

Start at the top – be careful with your cleaning routine, begin top to bottom, then left to right. Cleaning something on a low level, then proceeding to dust something higher up may lead to dust particles falling on to something that has just been cleaned.

Have your equipment ready – By having your cleaning equipment close by, you won’t need to run back and forth in search of the tools you need.
Sardone suggested wearing something to hold the equipment in, such as an apron or carpenter’s tool belt, or stick with a bucket.

No spray dusting – Feather dusters are a brilliant alternative to using spray and a soft cloth.
They can get into those hard-to-reach places, and the feathers will pick up all of the dust rather than just wipe them off.

Use a lemon – The acid that is found in lemons is a great way of dissolving rust.
Simply squeezing lemon juice on the affected area and leaving it for roughly ten minutes.
For much tougher stains, the lemon juice should be left longer and may need to be scrubbed at with a hard bristle brush.

Bathroom mould – Mould is frequent in bathrooms as they aren’t ventilated as well as other rooms, therefore water will condense off the walls and tiles after baths and showers.
By using hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, the fungus should be killed once it’s been sprayed and left for approximately five minutes.

Mineral deposits – Taps and other fixtures can become stained by mineral deposits. Deter from attempting to remove those stains with bristle brushes or pads as the faucet could be damaged.
Alternatively, use white vinegar, pour a little onto a cloth and wipe the faucets.

Stainless steel shine – Mineral oil used on a wipe is a great way of preventing smudges, fingerprints and watermarks on stainless steel surfaces – the oil acts as a repellent to the water and will prove beneficial in the future when things need to be removed from sticking to the sink.

Magic erasers – Magic erasers are a God-send and are very handy when nothing works, they’re brilliant for cleaning floors and walls.

Tackling the microwave – To tackle the build-up of food in that horrific microwave, pour water into a coffee cup and warm it in the microwave until boiling. The moisture from the heated water will loosen any grime which can later be wiped away.

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